YTS Chat Rules

In order to maintain a civil and friendly atmosphere, we require that all users pay close attention to the following guidelines while on the YTS chat.

Rather than implementing a standardised and codified rule-set, we instead use a loose system of conduct guidelines, in the policing of which, staff members shall have wide discretion over how to handle inappropriate conduct. Therefore, we recommend reading and paying heed to the following, in order to ensure the continuity of one's chat experience.

- Defiance of, and/or arguing about any staff decision is prohibited; see below for appellate procedure.

- Any attempt to evade punitive action such as a kick or ban is prohibited. The administration will not look kindly upon any appeal by a user who has attempted to ban evade.

- Disrespectful conduct, including but not limited to: insult, abuse, defamation, libel, slander, racism, sexism, derision, or any manner of racial, ethnic, religious, or cultural disparagement, is prohibited.

- Disrespectful conduct that does not directly violate the above, such as: trolling, direct provocation, or shit-stirring, is also strongly discouraged. This further includes elitism and hazing or bullying of new or naive users, or any action or non-action that may be perceived as facilitating such a social environment.

- Posting of any distasteful, disruptive, or NSFW content, including but not limited to: pornography, smut, gore, non-simulated violence, snuff, scat, etc. is prohibited within reason.

- Any manner of exploitation, cracking, hacking, or social engineering of other users present in chat is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, dissemination in any manner or form of any other user's personal information of any kind, (ie. doxing), or any perceived attempt to cause or support the dissemination of such information is strictly prohibited.

- Using the YTS Chat to solicit business is prohibited. This includes any and all referral links, pyramid schemes, or promotions.

- Disruptive behaviour, including but not limited to: spamming anything, requesting films, requesting anything not already on the site, requesting anything at all, or begging for VIP or staff position, is strongly discouraged.

- Extended or lengthy posting in any language other than English, and/or extended or lengthy posting using any script or alphabet other than the standard English/Latin script is discouraged. We encourage lengthy conversations in other languages to be conducted via private message.

- We encourage intelligent, rational, logical, and courteous discourse and debate of topical and/or prevalent social, philosophical, economic, or political matters in chat. However, we do require that all users who wish to participate in such discussion be careful to lay out any and all arguments in a logically valid manner, paying particular attention to meeting the requirements of onus probandi, or burden of proof. Participating in such a discussion, in a manner non-compliant with this stipulation, is strongly discouraged, and will likely be interpreted as trolling or attempting to instigate a flame-war, which are covered above.

Please note that these guidelines apply to all members, VIP and staff present on chat, and that users with elevated rank are expected to conduct themselves as is befitting said rank. Please also note that the above are simply guidelines, and that staff members present on chat have supreme executive authority, with wide powers of interpretation of guidelines, judgement of conduct, and decision of punishment.

If a user takes issue with a staff decision, as is outlined above, arguing about it in chat is a stupid idea. Instead, we encourage such users to contact administration with an appeal at this page so that we may review the case. Please note that any user who submits an illogical, unfounded, or aggressive appeal will simply be ignored.

It is our sincere hope that everyone can enjoy a peaceful time on the YTS chat.

YTS Staff.